Chicken Welfare

Chicken Matters to KFC (the clue is in the name). chicken is what we are, what we do.

We could buy the cheapest chicken there is. We don’t. Because it won’t taste as good. And we believe that, if you are going to eat chicken, you want to know it’s been cared for properly. We certainly do. And we know you feel the same.

We’re not perfect, there’s more that we can and should be doing.  So we are on a journey to improve the lives of all of our chickens.

It starts with our welfare policy which you can read as part of our Western European Sourcing Code of Practice. Next, we are working on a plan for where we are heading, setting targets and then publishing how we have performed against them later this year.  We believe that being transparent is the best way to improve standards.

We’re working with partners like World Animal Protection who will challenge us to be better and the Farm Animal Initiative (FAI), who are specialists in welfare and agricultural ethics. They conduct the dedicated welfare audits that take place in all of the farms that supply us with chicken.

More information about our position on chicken is on this page but if you have any questions please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of this site to let us know.

December 2018 Progress Report

In May this year we launched our new Western Europe Sourcing Code Of Practice, outlining our latest policies on chicken welfare. While we had a long established welfare policy, this new code marked a dramatic shift in approach, moving from encouraging suppliers to improve welfare to enforcing higher mandatory standards for all our suppliers.

We’re proud of our progress so far, but we’re on a journey and the hard work really starts now. Our first step towards better welfare is creating a clear and transparent understanding of where we are now, which is harder than you might think given we source our chicken from over 2,000 farms. So over the last 12 months we’ve been building a new auditing system that will collect data from our suppliers on a whole host of factors that determine welfare quality, such as flocking density, average time spent in the barn and the breeds of chicken reared. Our ambition is to harness this data to work with suppliers to raise standards, not just for our chicken but across the industry.

Early next year, we’ll publish the first set of results and use this data to set out a range of new commitments and targets, and we hope that by committing ourselves and our suppliers to greater transparency and working in collaboration with peers, competitors, farmers and NGOs we can bring about change that our industry and customers can be proud of.

Rearing chicken the KFC Way

Commit to transparent and accountable farming

Since 2004, we have been one of the ONLY restaurant chains who insist on separate, specific welfare audits, and we’re the ONLY chain in the UK to have independent welfare checks happening in our farms EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year. We also visit farms ourselves. Sometimes announced, sometimes not.

If any farmer doesn’t uphold our standards we will stop buying from them. End of.

This year we are introducing a state-of-the-art auditing system which will give us an even greater understanding of how every farm is doing, and we will publish the data so that we are totally open about how we’re doing.

Do everything we can to let chickens behave like chickens

Rearing chicken responsibly means making sure they live in large barns with plenty of dry bedding, a healthy, natural diet and the right lighting and warmth, so they are comfortable to do what chickens do. That’s why we passionately believe in what chicken experts call ‘environmental enrichment’. That basically means giving chickens things like pecking objects and perches in their barns which encourage that chicken-y behaviour, plus windows for natural light.

Six years ago we set ourselves the goal of increasing the amount of chicken we buy from farms with environmental enrichment. We’re are proud to say that today 100% of the UK farms we buy from have environmental enrichment. We’re at about 30% across the rest of our farms and are committed to work to increase that.


All our chicken reared in the UK is certified by Red Tractor meaning our suppliers’ farms have to meet 150 checks and standards. Our farms in Europe, Brazil and Thailand must meet the same standards, so although we can’t says its Red Tractor because it’s a UK thing, we can be sure all our chicken is treated decently, no matter where it comes from.


We want to get better and we want the whole chicken business – from farms right up to retailers – to get better with us. That’s why we are making ourselves and our suppliers accountable with this policy, and we will keep setting ourselves higher standards and working hard to meet them.

We believe there is a right way to do things and, when it comes to chicken, that means being honest enough to say we can do more, we need to do more and to go out there and do it.

Things we won’t stand for

And just in case you were wondering: we NEVER allow inhumane practices like beak trimming, and every single KFC chicken is cage-free. Always has been, always will be. We also don’t allow the use of nasties like growth promotors. Our farmers can use antibiotics to treat an animal that becomes unwell but only with the right medicines, at the right dosage, at the right time, and never as a preventative measure.

Our Welfare Policy …In Pictures

Halal Restaurants


We set ourselves high standards across all our restaurants and with our suppliers. As part of our commitment to maintaining these standards, we work closely with the Halal Food Authority, who accredit and regularly audit our Halal restaurants.


In our Halal restaurants we do not handle any pork ingredients, and all the food and drink items served in in these restaurants are approved by the Halal Food Authority. This ensures the very best Halal standards but does mean that certain menu items and limited time offers may not be available.